Collapsible Core Technology

About Us

Welcome to Collapsible Core, Inc. a company focused on providing our clientele a superior product designed and built to out-perform our competition at a considerable cost savings both in terms of up front costs and manufacturing life. Our core will hold better tolerances over a longer period of time translating to higher production rates and increased profits.

While collapsible cores have been on the market for some time, the new Zydron Core offers among many other benefits a product which offers the smallest footprint available allowing for more cavities in the same size press. The direct benefit of this smaller footprint allows our customers to increase their production having the ability to produce more parts per cycle lowering costs and increasing profits.

Additional key benefits:

  • The Zydron Core is created using the latest wire technologies as opposed to a typical cutting tool. This process allows our part to hold tighter tolerances giving you a longer life with fewer production slow downs.
  • Straight Pin allows more contact surface between the center pin and the collapsible core improving thermal transfer thus decreasing cycle time and lowering production costs.
  • Our Flush Style Core product has a pin that does not need to protrude past the sleeves. This allows for the product design to be maintained and not altered. This in effect reduces the volume of plastic being molded per part by having a thin top surface of the part lowering material cost.

Flexibility of product design – Thin wall parts with shut offs, peel away strips, interrupted threads, safety break away rings or O-ring grooves. These details can now be designed on the inside of the part instead of using traditional slides or more complex mold functions.

Pricing for the Zydron Core is our biggest advantage when choosing to retool or build your next long term investment.

We offer standardized sizing which effectively allows CCI consistency with regards to quoting new and replacement components at a budget friendly rate. Additionally, we understand your economic realities and believe we have created a strong incentive to use our new Zydron Core as opposed to traditional unscrewing or stripper molds ultimately improving production schedules translating to a healthier bottom line.

Located in the tabs above are sample and pricing information. Should you have any questions, please feel free to call or email our sales team for additional details. Thank you for visiting Collapsible Core, Inc.

Mechanical cores will be quoted in line with their function specific to the part design.