Collapsible Core Technology

x100 Collapsible Core


Terms & Policy
Must Be Read Before Proceeding To Download

Terms 1/2 down with remaining balance due before shipping.
Estimated lead time is based on quoted price is 6 to 10 weeks.
Quoted price is based on instructions, prints and or electronic data provided by customer prior to quote submittal. Collapsible Core, Inc. reserves the right to adjust price and lead time if the scope of the project changes post quote submittal.


Standard collapsible cores will have a 50% restocking fee.
Standard cores will be inspected for damage before any credit is allowed.
Collapsible Core, Inc. (CCI) warrants to customer that CCI’s work will conform with the proposed scope of work and shall be free from material defects upon delivery to customer.

In the event any of the work does not conform, customer must ship such items or parts to CCI’s facility for evaluation within 21 days after customer’s receipt of work from CCI. Nonconforming work will be returned, repaired or replaced, or at CCI’s option, customer shall be issued a credit toward customer’s next purchase(s) equal to the quoted price of the non-conforming work, within a reasonable time.

No cash or card credits given.

Additional Notes:

(1) This quote is based upon CCI’s Terms and Conditions, which are incorporated herein by reference.

(2) Prices are subject to change. Print(s) or proper electronic data are to be provided by Customer before CCI begins its work.

(3) CCI will not be responsible for misinterpretation of faxed prints.

(4) All customer-supplied material must have readable MSDS sheets.

This estimate of cost is available for 30 days.